In this article we will show how to implement the clickTag function by direct insertion in the HTML code.

1. In order to create the click area, use a code editor (e.g. Notepad++) or text editor to edit the HTML file and add the below HTML code after <body> tag:

(Please adjust the width and height according to the size of the creative)

<a href="" id="clickArea" target="_blank"><div

2. Assign the onClick function and click tag by adding the script below before the </body> tag:

var clickTAG;
function px_getClickTAG() {
try {
var strsrch =;
if (typeof(strsrch.length) != 'undefined') {if
(strsrch.length > 1) {clickTAG =
} catch (e) {console.log(e)}
var clickArea = document.getElementById("clickArea");
clickArea.href = clickTAG;

3. To test the creative open the HTML file in a browser and add ?clickTAG= at the end of the URL and press enter.

4. By clicking on the creative, if the click tag has been implemented successfully you should be redirected to