In this article we will show how to add clickTag in ads build using Adobe Edge.


1. Create the click area using the Rectangle Tool to draw a DIV element:

2. Name the element "clickArea" and set the opacity to 0 in the Properties pane.

3. (Optional) Select pointer style in the Properties -> Cursor pane.

4. Make sure it is on top of other elements.

5. Assign the onClick function and click tag by right clicking on the clickArea and selecting Open Actions for "clickArea" in the dropdown menu.

6. The Actions panel will pop-up with a dropdown menu. Then select "click" in the dropdown menu.

7. Paste the code below in the code box:

try {
var strsrch =;
if (typeof(strsrch.length) != 'undefined') {
if (strsrch.length > 1) {clickTAG =
if (clickTAG) {, "_blank")}
} catch (e) {console.log(e)}


8. Test it if it works by clicking Preview In Browser in the File dropdown menu.

9. A browser window will pop-up with the Ad creative. In order to test it, edit the URL in the URL bar by adding &clickTAG= at the end of the URL and press enter.

10. By clicking on the creative, if the click tag has been implemented successfully you should be redirected to